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Myspace/Facebook and free download album

In an attempt to keep sales of my book ticking over I have now got pages on myspace and facebook. please feel free to add me by clicking the links. Also here is a link to a free download only album which is also a crass attempt to plug my book, you need to type in a pass-phrase get the album, guessing it is not rocket science..... I'm hoping to have the book released in the UK in September, obviously you can still buy it on this site or, if you prefer at Amazon. I'm hoping to have it for sale as an E download to read on I phones from this site in the next week or two. There are lots more press radio interviews on the media page if you're interested. Thats about all for now, thanks.

3 July 2009

God Save The Village Green: a novel by Keith Cullen

The Separate
Orchestral Variations V.01

Mason Jennings
Century Spring CD

Nightrock E P CD.EP

Frank & Walters
Best Of CD