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Single: Bam! Tululu!
Release date: June 26th 2006
Setanta Songs: Set7 153: 7' & Download only

Album: Pointing Excitedly To The Sky
Release date: July 19th 2006
Setanta Songs: SETCD152

After a debut album boldly entitled 'I Refuse To Grow Up' which got them very impressive reviews, a growing hype both in France and abroad, numerous compilations (Paris Lounge, French Girls, Park Hyatt Tokyo), success in Japan (Ryuichi Sakamoto recently picked one of their songs on his playlist) and a track on a Hollywood blockbuster ['The In-Laws' starring the great Michael Douglas], Cocosuma, a Paris-based trio, are now ready to be full-grown artists. And thus the do-it-yourself lo-fi pop of the beginning has evolved into something larger and deeper.

'Pointing Excitedly To The Sky' their playful but ambitious second album out on Setanta Songs (Cooperative/V2 Music) is filled with subtle beauties and hidden treasures, flying through different moods. The sweet and soulful sound is made of acoustic guitars, haunting synthesizers and sky high harmonies and has been compared to the likes of the Cardigans and The Flaming Lips.

They were three: Chab, Chimo and the gorgeous Kacey. Critically acclaimed, 'The Servant' a mini-hit heavily played on Radio Nova and on the famous Californian radio KCRW, a Japanese fanbase: the limelights were shining ahead... But at the beginning of 2005, Kacey suddenly decided to leave Cocosuma and return to Sweden. Some of the songs on 'Pointing Excitedly To The Sky' clearly point to the trio's creative enthusiasm and the unspoken doubts about a common future.

Cocosuma are changing, looking for themselves, and emancipating from the features of the archetypal popsong. They lose their bearings through the different songs: the sunny 'Drizzling yet Dazzling', the moody 'Bam Tululu', 'Nutopia' s ether, or the ghostly and space-rockish 'Did you ever see?'. Flying above discreet yet essential arrangements, Kacey's voice is light and melancholic. Her nonchalance and apparent detachment reminding of another of these voices from the cold: Nico's.

The trio's easy sadness is like a goodbye said with a worried heart after a summer day, when the intensity of the day slowly fades away...

'Cocosuma design splendid melodic patterns, between slender happiness and fragile melancholy. Splendid.' Glamour

16 May 2006

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